A Few Ways To Save Money While Building Your Home

One of the most important milestones in your life is owning your own home. However, due to the high cost of real estate, it may not be possible to buy a house, even with a mortgage. Another option that is available is to build your own home. This is a great option for those who already own land and can then build on that land, at their own pace. Also, if you build your own home, it will cost significantly less money to do so than the cost to buy a ready made home. However, building a home is still an expensive endeavor and we will now look at a few tips that will help you to save money.

The first tip is to choose your contractor wisely. This means that you should do a great amount of research and not hire the first contractor that you talk to. It is extremely important to find a contractor that is not only cost effective but will also complete your work to the highest standards. After all, you don’t want to go with a contractor that will cut corners by using poor quality materials or poor workmanship. Even though they will get the job done at a cheaper rate, your home will not stand the test of time. Look for a contractor that has experience in your specific type of home, whether that be a townhouse, large 2 storey house, or sprawling single storey affair.

In order to find the best contractors, you should talk to your friends and family and ask for recommendations. The chances are high that they have used a contractor in the past and can provide advice as well as recommendations on specific contractors. They will also let you know which ones to steer clear of due to poor service, high costs, lack of professionalism etc. In many cases, you can secure a referral discount if you are recommended by someone in your personal network.

Another way that you can save money is to learn how to do some tasks yourself instead of having your contractor do them. This is a great option if you are a very DIY person or at least have an invested interest in doing so. You can easily learn how to do many basic construction tasks such as laying bricks, applying mortar etc. These skills can be learned via YouTube or you can hire a handyman or construction worker to show you. If you have friends and family that are willing to help, you can easily get a lot done at no cost or a very low cost. This is a great way to make building your home a family project and will save you money while helping to build stronger bonds between family members.

Lastly, the final tip is to always be on the lookout for hardware sales and discounts. You can easily save 5 – 40% off of construction materials, once you purchase at key times throughout the year. This is a good way to save a significant amount of money while ensuring you get the right materials for the job.

In closing, we have just looked at how you can save some cash while building your home. This is definitely one of the most important endeavors of your life, so make sure to apply these tips to make it as cost effective as possible.

The Top 6 No-Fail Investment Opportunities for Every Investor

As we gear up for the New Year, people are looking into more ways of growing their money. Investment opportunities abound in our economy today. Today we take a look at the top six best investment opportunities that every investor should know.


Even though it has seen its shares of ups and downs, gold prices remain relatively high, and are in a better position for investment now more than ever. Gold remains a precious commodity. Smart investors are taking note of this and are taking advantage of its high market prices.

Real Estate

Property investment enjoys a good amount of equity and the prices only increases as time passes, particularly on prime lots in locations with high value. The cash flow is steady and the earnings are always guaranteed.


The past few years have seen a remarkable growth in startup businesses. They key to watch out for is diversification, which means that it will eventually branch out into other forms of businesses. It is also a good investment to look into.


Bonds, as investments, are relatively low-risk. The gains may be considered modest or moderate, but bonds are generally stable and can provide a good investment opportunity to those who are risk-averse. Given their less volatile nature, they are more attractive to investors compared to stocks. Most successful entrepreneurs invest in bonds, along with other investment alternatives.


It is no surprise that most people, even investors, are investing in personal health. After all, a healthy body is required to be able to run a business more efficiently. Investing in personal health also means improving the quality of life in the long run. It can also benefit the person directly. So aside from a good amount of monetary investment, saving for your health is also a key to wellness.

Private Investments

Private investments involve real estate, crowdfunding, or any other investment portfolio that an investor has an intimate knowledge of. Public markets are generally well known, but there is currently an increasing trend in private investments. With this type, the investor typically has more personal knowledge in the portfolio itself, its team and its operations. This translates to fewer risks, and the investor generally knows what to expect out of its gains.

The investment opportunities mentioned above are the top ones that are being looked at by entrepreneurs and investors today. Maximize your gains and expand your knowledge by taking advantage of these opportunities.

The 5 Smart Tips to Increase your Passive Income


Most personal finance tips always mention the need to increase passive income, or income that is derived from multiple sources other than your employment or main business. But how do we really go about this? Below are simple, smart tips that will give you an idea on how to build your passive income.

Crowdfunded Real Estate

A crowdfunded platform is an excellent way to invest in a real estate property. It involves investment from multiple sources, so you don’t have to shoulder all the costs in buying a property.

Dividend Income

A dividend income is derived from shares of stocks. Before investing, be sure to check out a primer or guide in stock market investment. Solid stocks are preferred and it would be helpful to enlist the help of a broker to maximize your gains.

Create a Mobile App

If you’re into technology, a mobile app is a great way to increase your passive income. Mobile apps earn money through downloads. Android has a great mobile platform for app developers.

Online Store

If you have a passion for selling, an online store is a good way to increase passive income. Sites like Shopify have a great platform for showcasing your products. They even offer a free trial.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also make money through affiliate marketing if you already have an existing website. Ads posted in your website can earn money when clicked by your visitors.

These tips give ideas on how to generate more money outside of your personal job or business. With the right tools and tricks, you can steadily increase your passive income to the next level.

6 Simple Ways to Save More Money

People can tell you a million ways on how to grow your savings. However, they involve a lot of delayed gratification and self-sacrifice. That makes them hard to implement and achieve. Here are seven simple ways that can help you saving more money, without too much of a burden.

Automatic Transfer

Set up your savings via automatic transfer so you are able to pay yourself first before your credit card debt and other bills.

Mobile Apps for Budget

Budgeting does not involve endless computations in excel or typing up lists and using a calculator; mobile apps have already been developed to help you simplify this chore. You will also get an overview of your spending and saving habits.

Cancel Unused Subscriptions

Take a look at your monthly subscriptions and take out those that your hardly use. For example, make an inventory of your mobile apps and take note of those that you pay for monthly. If you do not use them often, you can cancel your subscription.

Increase passive income

Maybe you can rent out your space for Airbnb or sell unused items in apps such as Carousel. Either way, you are increasing your passive income. Tip: to further make the most out of it, allocate these to your savings.

Buy generics

Store brands are typically cheaper than national brands. For daily household items such as groceries or toiletries, you may want to switch to generics.

Cut Back on Extras

Choose whether you’ll be spending on dinner or drinks. Cut down on your spending by looking at the things you consume. Is that extra donut really necessary? You’ll not only improve your savings, but also your diet.

Saving money does not have to be too hard. And it also does not mean preventing yourself from enjoying what you earn. Cutting off unnecessary expenses and making little changes in your spending habits can go a long way.

Saving Money In The Home

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5 Best Personal Finance Tips from the Rich

With regards to personal finance, it only makes sense to take the advice from wealthy people. While some may think they have not struggled at all in terms of their finances, the rich certainly know how to make money work for them, instead of the other way around. Here are the five personal finance tips you can learn from the rich and wealthy people.

The Earlier you Start, the Better

Starting to think of your personal finances as early as possible will definitely get you more mileage. However, not all of us have the same experience, so “early” can also be replaced by “now.” Recognizing the need to properly manage your finances is the first step in achieving financial freedom.

Believe you Can Do It

The right mindset is necessary in achieving your personal finance goals. Success can only come from learning and growing from your own experience. Taking charge of your finances, and then doing what it takes to grow your investment and fortune, can take you from nothing to something.

Live within Your Means

You do not have to be too frugal to be able to achieve financial success. Living within your means can also mean simplifying your life to focus more on long term gains.

Work Your Way towards your Goal

Find ways to earn more by increasing your passive income. Whatever it takes, hard work cannot be replaced, and there’s no other way around it.

When you have a goal, it will be easier for you to work your way towards it, for as long as it is measurable and success is attainable. The rich may have a lot going on for them, but they have certainly started somewhere where they also needed to work on their own and solve their own problems. These finance tips will help you re-start your mindset and focus on a single goal— to achieve success and live a life of financial freedom.