Diabetes and arthritis are the medical conditions that usually bring on ankle and foot problems. However, even healthy individuals in Robina are prone to aches and pain in their feet and ankles.

Acute pain on ankles and feet can be brought on by poorly fitting shoes or overuse. Robina podiatrists are the experts to see when you want fast diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

The medical care provided by Robina podiatrists covers a wide range of treatments and recommendations for problems of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. They are the health providers that can diagnose, treat, and even perform surgery when needed.

Getting you back on your feet is quick when foot and ankle problems are consulted with a podiatrist. Here’s why:

You are diabetic

Foot problems significantly affect people with diabetes. Serious infections and dry skin are some of the foot issues with diabetes. It is recommended that diabetics have a yearly foot exam with a podiatrist. The risk of amputation is dramatically lowered when part of your healthcare team includes a podiatrist. Studies have shown that 50% of amputation risk is lowered with regular visits to a podiatrist.

You consistently suffer from an ingrown toenail

An infection happens when your toenail grows into the skin. The big toe is the part that is likely to be affected by ingrown toenails. That toenail has to be treated by a podiatrist when it has lots of drainages and looks very red. Removing the nail is the usual procedure in most cases of an ingrown toenail. The affected area can then be treated with prescribed medication.

You have started a regular running exercise

Shin splints and aches are the usual problems that runners are prone to. The best way to get the right strategies and avoid potential ankle and foot problems is to consult with a podiatrist. He/she can assess your feet and body and recommend the best running strategies and also the best athletic shoes to wear.

You have heel pain

Heel pain is caused by a plethora of conditions. A heel spur or a bony growth on the heel can cause heel pain. An inflamed tendon connecting to the heel can also cause pain. Consulting with a podiatrist is recommended for persistent heel pain. X-rays and a foot exam will be performed by a podiatrist to come up with a good treatment plan.

You think you have a broken bone, sprain, or strain

Broken bones, sprains, and strains in the foot are the specialised areas of podiatrists. They will be able to provide the best treatment plan after diagnosing your injuries. A flexible cast can be created by a podiatrist to quicken the healing process. A podiatrist needs to be consulted when an injury shows redness, swelling, increasing pain, and trouble walking.

The joints of your ankles or feet are painful

One of the most common ailments affecting a lot of people today is arthritis. A podiatrist has to be consulted when the joints in your feet are tender, swollen, stiff, or red. Disability of the feet can be avoided when a podiatrist is consulted at the onset.

A podiatrist is a medical practitioner that is trained and knowledgeable about all medical conditions affecting ankles and feet. Regular visits are the smartest way to take care of your ankles and feet. Book in at a podiatrist in Robina and get the relief you’ve been looking for.

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