Tattoo artists get asked a great many questions on a daily basis. If you too are thinking about getting a tattoo and want to avoid some common mistakes make sure to read the following.

Most of the time a tattoo artist is busy covering up past tattoos. Sometimes there are instances where some inks cannot be fixed. Also the removal procedure is a long one and it is quite painful and expensive as well. Although the laser may fade the tattoo, your skin wouldn’t be spotless the way it was before.

The following words of advice from a tattoo artist would ensure that you want to keep your tattoo for good and not have it removed ever.

  • Do not get a tattoo before the age of 18. Most of the time it only ends up in regret. The first thing is that none of the tattoo artist want to ink somebody who is not yet an adult. It is obviously better to wait and then get a tattoo.
  • Never go for somebody who is too cheap. It should be kept in mind that a tattoo is a work of art and it should be treated this way.
  • Always make sure that your research about the tattoo artist or the studio where you want to get inked. After all it is a matter of something which you are going to have for a lifetime. You want to make sure that you have got a tattoo of which you can be proud.
  • Is it wise to not get a tattoo of a person’s name on your body. Some people might say that they want to get a tattoo of their parents or their children’s name on the body. However it is best to avoid names.
  • Never listen to the advice given to you by your friends when it comes to caring or choosing a tattoo. Instead follow the advice which has been given to you by your tattoo artist. They are experienced individuals and they know all about getting inked and caring for it is well.
  • It is also not a good idea to get a tattoo while you are intoxicated. Also a tattoo artist is not supposed to do it at that time there are certain individuals who might do it because they are being paid for it. It can cloud your judgement and make you take the wrong kind of decisions. Plus you might not be able to heal as well or you might just end up being sorry for that one moment of intoxication.
  • If you are getting tattoos for the first time it is advisable to only go for something that you really  love. Shouldn’t matter how much it cost or how much it is going to hurt you. You should only get something that you have your heart set up on. It is also important that you take a long time to decide what you want to get inked on your body. It should be kept in mind that fashion comes and goes but the tattoo is going to stay forever. So choose wisely so that you do not regret it anytime in your life.

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A tattoo artist’s tips for helping you get the tattoo you have always wanted