Most personal finance tips always mention the need to increase passive income, or income that is derived from multiple sources other than your employment or main business. But how do we really go about this? Below are simple, smart tips that will give you an idea on how to build your passive income.

Crowdfunded Real Estate

A crowdfunded platform is an excellent way to invest in a real estate property. It involves investment from multiple sources, so you don’t have to shoulder all the costs in buying a property.

Dividend Income

A dividend income is derived from shares of stocks. Before investing, be sure to check out a primer or guide in stock market investment. Solid stocks are preferred and it would be helpful to enlist the help of a broker to maximize your gains.

Create a Mobile App

If you’re into technology, a mobile app is a great way to increase your passive income. Mobile apps earn money through downloads. Android has a great mobile platform for app developers.

Online Store

If you have a passion for selling, an online store is a good way to increase passive income. Sites like Shopify have a great platform for showcasing your products. They even offer a free trial.

Affiliate Marketing

You can also make money through affiliate marketing if you already have an existing website. Ads posted in your website can earn money when clicked by your visitors.

These tips give ideas on how to generate more money outside of your personal job or business. With the right tools and tricks, you can steadily increase your passive income to the next level.

The 5 Smart Tips to Increase your Passive Income