If you are travelling, you will find that much of your money goes to hotels. If you can find cheaper places to stay, you will end up spending much less on your trip. Here are some ways on how to save money on accommodation when travelling.

Checking if the area you want to travel to has any other options apart from hotels can save you a lot of money. You can check if there are any business people who offer travellers alternatives to hotels. There are often people who create small caravans or even tiny wooden houses where you can stay the night for a very cheap price. This is usually the situation in places where there are many tourists. Checking if this is the case will save you some serious coin.

Two, you can save a lot by staying at a campus accommodation instead of a hotel. If you are travelling to an area that has a campus, find out if they have rental hostels. These tend to be much cheaper than any hotels in the region. You will need to watch out for your stuff to prevent it from being stolen though.

Three, consider camping. If you are travelling when there is good weather to stay outdoors, you should think about carrying your own tent. You can search online to see if the area has any recommended camping sites that you can stay in for the night. Most of the campsites charge a small fee in order to camp there, but it will still be much cheaper than paying for an actual hotel.

Four, you can find a person that is travelling to the same place you are and cost share. There are places where you can do that. Go online and do a thorough research of the place you will be travelling to and you just might get lucky. Read a lot of comments from any travellers who have been there before you. They will most likely have great tips for you.

Couch surfing is also another reasonable way to save money on accommodation. If you do not have enough to spend on a hotel, this can be a good idea. There are people online who do this to get some money. Ensure that you only pick people who have very good ratings and plenty of positive reviews. Keep your luggage close to you so that you do not risk it being stolen.

One other option is to book an overnight train. There are places where sleeping on the train is safer than others. Go for the more expensive train ticket so that you can get your own cabin. These cabins can be quite comfortable to spend the night in. This will be much better than staying at a hotel where you would pay considerably more.

Always be careful so as not to get into a situation that puts you in harm’s way. Avoid places where previous travellers have stated high risk and you should be okay.

Money Saving Tips When Travelling